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Widget Brain and Primoteq aim for 100% uptime for Machine Operators

Geplaatst in Persberichten op 05/10/2018

Widget Brain and Primoteq join forces to launch their condition based maintenance (CBM) service to the Benelux market. “The partnership with Widget Brain gives us the opportunity to bring our Excellent Maintenance strategy to the next level”, says Joost Rings, Director at Primoteq. “With the current methods, we can work towards a machine availability of maximum 95%, which is already significantly high. The Algorithm-based technology of Widget Brain makes it possible for us to reach an uptime of near 100%. And that is game changing.”

“Obviously the goal is to realise near 100% uptime within the cost parameters of our customers”, adds Joachim Arts, CEO of Widget Brain. “We build the coolest algorithms but often miss the intricate knowledge of the behavior of specific equipment. Primoteq engineers are helping us to bring these algorithms up to specification faster and cheaper than if we would do this with data only. That’s why this partnership is important to us and also important to our customers.”

Together, the two parties are able to deliver condition-based maintenance solutions that predict when equipment fails, and remedy the potential failure within the defined maintenance strategy of the customer. Primoteq will act as a technology reseller of ALFA, the algorithm-based software solution of Widget Brain. The first solutions are installed to monitor cranes and metal processing machines (CNC equipment). Primoteq will provide monitoring services and is responsible for the data connectivity to and from the machines. Widget Brain algorithms use the available machine data to automatically create and prioritise maintenance orders per monitored component or equipment. A second set of algorithms available on the ALFA software platform takes these service orders and prioritises them based on criticality and uptime guarantees. The service schedule is automatically updated in customer asset management systems thereafter. Primoteq or customer engineers will then execute the work according to the optimised schedule.

Who is Primoteq?

Being a leading Dutch service company for production resources in the manufacturing industry, Primoteq specialises in metal and plastics processing technology, hoisting and lifting technology and laser cutting technology. Primoteq provides measurable added value with high-quality maintenance expertise, to realise the lowest TCO. This is achieved through customer-specific maintenance concepts (Excellent Maintenance™).
Learn more about Primoteq here.

Who is Widget Brain?

Widget Brain designs, builds and runs A.I. driven algorithms allowing companies to make better business decisions. The algorithms are considered plug-in intelligence, and are compatible with the current IT infrastructure of its customers. The algorithms run on Widget Brain’s core product ALFA (the Algorithm Factory), which has the ability to train, retrain and monitor all types of algorithms.
Learn more about Widget Brain here.

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